Don’t let it be said that I let grass grow under my feet!

*snort* The title was a saying Mom and Dad used when they didn’t want us sitting and doing nothing when we could be out in the sunshine and moving around.

Something tells me that parents should start telling their children that today. From the time they get up until they go to bed at night, they have some kind of little box in their hands and something plugged in their ears. It might be the tv controls, the game controller (don’t even know what they call it!), the I-Phone, I-Tunes or I-Pad, texting,  etc. etc.

They’re losing their imagination. There’s no need for them to think because information is there in their hands. And don’t for a minute think they’re smarter than we are because they know how to control their computer and whatever it is that they’re doing instead of thinking.

If my dad could see the generation now, he’d tell them to get outside and look at the clouds and see what pictures they could make of them, or play “What am I looking at?” that makes them think. He used to give me an old camera to take apart when I was sick. You know, the “old” ones that when you opened them up, the front came down and the camera extended on a little track? That was marvelous fun to see how it worked and imagine how it took pictures that later would be developed.

Heck, now I’d be bored as blazes. What’s interesting about a phone camera? It doesn’t come out on a track or have a flash bulb attachment that lit up the room when it went off!

So, if your kid is texting, or curled up on the couch playing games on some black little hand-held dohickee with his buddy a chair or block away or playing with face book, grab him/her by the ears and tell him to “Get a life!” Better yet, “Do your homework!”

They need to use their imagination. And fresh air. Play basketball, store, school, softball, look for grasshoppers or lizards. Do something that won’t give him/her arthritis in their hands when they’re twenty or make them wear hearing aids at thirty.

That’s my rant for today! 

Did it strike a raw nerve? Sorry about that.


Buying a new computer isn’t for sissies!

Yep, getting a new pc is a pain in the tookus. Especially if you have a pc that’s nine years old and starting to get slow. I think mine is an old geezer before its time.

I intended to get a new cpu months ago, but it hasn’t happened yet. First I have to get a new printer for myself and one for my husband. I’ll have to make sure it’ll be compatible with the cpu which will have Windows 7 on it.

Did I tell you that I hate Windows 7? This hate relationship happened when we bought a new cpu for my husband. He, the poor guy, usually gets my hand-me-downs, but on Black Friday we bought him a much-needed new cpu. I naturally thought that since it was new it had WI-FI installed.

Nope. silly me. We got home to my daughter’s house in Alpharetta and learned the error in my thinking. So, we trekked back to the story and bought a plug-in Wi-FI for $50. That wasn’t too bad, was it?

Well, that wasn’t the end. When we got home, he got on the internet where, er, some man conned him into letting him set up the email account for him – for $150. I was sick and resting and knew nothing about this. Well, this man convinced him he’d have to have a Google mail acct. for Windows 7.

By the time I found out, it was too late. He hated the Google mail because he couldn’t find his address book. We found they call it the “Contact List.” The man lost most of his addresses for him, helpful guy that he was. It took my husband two days to put them back in.

He’s slowly getting used to it. I’m still steaming. Now he needs a new printer because his was a 32 bit and the cpu will only recognize a 64 bit printer.

For what it’s cost us for a single, danged new cpu, we could have bought a full desktop system.

I will have to put off my new cpu, but I’ll need to get the new printers for both of us this weekend. And I’ll be sure they’ll be compatible with my new yet-to-be cpu. Ugh! I just thought of something. The new printer probably won’t work with my present grandaddy Gateway!

For crying out loud! (That’s an old expression.) I’ll have to leave it in the box for a while and make my present printer limp along until it dies. By then, I’ll be biting my nails hoping it holds out long enough.

Oh, wait! I don’t bite my nails. I’ll just have to hold my breath instead.

Take care. Just take my advice and don’t buy anything new without researching the, uh, Hades out of it.

Ack! Please tell me it gets easier!

You want to know a secret? I hate anything new. New tech eqipment, new appliances, telephones computers — you name it, and if it’s new, I cringe.

I bought myself a Kindle Fire for Christmas. I love looking at it. That’s all I did for four days. Every time I touched it, my fingers would stutter on the keys trying to register this new black, magical box that had all my books on it.

Well, not all of them. But there are five. The Blackthorn Castle Trilogy (Always Mine, Midnight’s Bride and Risk Everything) by Kensington, and the first two books of The Raptor Castle Series I’m publishing myself.  Book 1 is Forbidden and Book 2 is Seduced. I’ll put Books 3 and 4 out in March and May if I can get the hang of this blog, update my web site and work on the eighth book.

This is a short blog to see how long it takes me to become at ease with the thing. I spent hours just trying to get the background to work, much less write anything.

Oh, I told you in my profile thingy that I have two dogs, so I’m going to try my hand at putting their pictures on here. If you see them, you’ll know it worked. If not, there’s always tomorrow!

Until Tuesday, or whenever, 

Sophia 🙂



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